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Where the vision is one year, cultivate flower
Where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees
Where the vision is eternity, cultivate youth

One of the leading educational institutes in the area, Vasant Valley Public School, has had highly successful years replete with attainments and achievements, galore in the diverse fields of developments, academics co-curricular activities games and sports etc; to its credit. It has contributed in the development of overall personality of the students and their mental skills that has helped them to cope up with the problems and challenges of the current complex world.

Through our experience we have learnt that the only way to overcome a laid-back attitude is to accept responsibility and believe in the law of cause and effect. At Vasant Valley Public School we are fully aware of the fact that it takes actions, preparation and planning rather than waiting, wondering and wishing to accomplish any goal in life. The aim of our school is to promote systematic integral educational environment that emphasizes on the unity of knowledge, blends humanity and sciences and recognizes the fact that each child is unique. The school allows its teachers to adopt innovative methods to arise interest and attention among students and develop in them admiration for the values of the past, excitement of the present and the challenges of the future.

We, at Vasant Valley, work closely and collaboratively with our parents to provide holistic education to our students to go out in the practical world with enthusiasm and confidence. Our inspirational motto ‘Value Vision Vigour’, we endeavour to achieve our vision.

Sanjay Gupta